How to Lose Weight in Your Face

There are certain things you need to know on how to lose weight in your face, and this is important because face fat is usually the last to be lost in people trying to have good body fitness. In most cases, fat almost evenly disappears from the body, but face fat and neck fat seem to be the last to go away, and this makes it difficult for most people not to handle anything that has to do with the face. However, there are many ways of losing face fat without going through unwanted side effects.

How to Lose Weight in Your Face Today


Doing exercises is one of the best ways of losing face fat, as they help in building certain facial muscles which need firming and toning, and the two areas where there can be improvement in one’s looks are the lips and cheeks. One of the popular exercises on how to lose weight in your face is to inflate both cheeks with air as if swallowing a lot of air. Then, the air should be moved from one cheek to another, doing that until one is out of breath. This process should be repeated for 3-5 times per day for some weeks, and you will definitely see some good results.

Another exercise for losing face fat is gently smiling lifting up the corners of the mouth. During this process, the eyes should be kept neutral, while the other muscles of the face should be kept relaxed. The smile should be held for 5-10 seconds, and the entire process should be repeated for at least 5 times. Facial Flex is another product that is used for facial exercises. It comes with a lot of materials and instructional DVD to watch the demo of the types of exercises to be done. It is always good to watch the DVD before starting to use the product, as it will enable you to easily get going losing face fat.

Chewing Gums

Chewing gums is another way of losing face fat, as the process makes the facial muscles to always be moving, thus eliminating fat. This is one of the easiest ways of losing face fat because it is like eating the gums are delicious, and chewing them is fun and effective. The quality of your teeth can also be improved through chewing gums. However, only the quality gums should be chewed, and with moderation.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is another way of losing face fat, and it is always done after other methods have not yielded good or desired results. The process involves the loss of fat by using a syringe to suck out fat from the face, leaving the patient with a smooth, wrinkle-free face. The problem with this method is that it is very expensive, and this is why most people still use Facial Flex.

Eating the Right Food

Eating the right food also adds in your journey of losing face fat. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables helps to keep the body lean and healthy. It is also good to take some glasses of water everyday, while alcohol should be avoided as adds more calories to the body, and it causes puffiness when water is retained.

Overcoming the problem of how to lose weight in your face starts with losing body weight generally, as the face will quickly slim down because of the loss of excess water from the body. Following the simple tips mentioned above will help you in losing face fat, giving you a healthy, lean and toned face.

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